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Wellness Gift Basket

For this interesting assignment, we had a class activity in which we all brainstormed some objects, scents, activities that help us feel relaxed and happy. Now, I’ll be sharing some of the things I thought off and why I chose them. But first, I want to say that it’s very interesting that the things that we all thought of were so different. I don’t think two people had two or three things in common which really shows our diversity. I think the one thing quite a few people had in common was candles. This was also really interesting to me because I don’t think I’ve ever used a candle in my life.

Okay to start off, my physical object that I chose was a stress ball. You know that squishy little balls that you keep playing with for some reason. I used to have one very recently but I lost it. I just used to squish it, throw it, and sometimes bite it. It was clean I promise I used to wash it. I just feel like it was fun and I used to always look for it when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I need to buy a new one. Now, I just use my pillow for squishing and stuff.

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For sounds, it was a very hard choice because I have a whole playlist for when I just want to relax and sit on my bed and literally do nothing. However, there’s this one song which I really love it’s very relaxing for me. It’s called ‘Drugs, you should try’ it by Travis Scott. The name is not the best I know but trust me it’s really good and it’s very different from Travis usually does. Also, ‘Lavender Sunflower’ by Tory Lanez is up there. I really love that song.

Next for smells and scents, as I said before, I’m not really interested in candles and stuff like that. I chose the scent of my mom’s cooking for this one. Basically, I currently live alone here in Cairo for college. I’m originally from Mansoura. So, when I go back, the first thing I smell is my mom’s delicious cooking and I start remembering how much I missed it. It really makes me feel happy and at home.

For the inspirational quote, I chose a lyric from a song I really like. The song’s name is ‘Bounce Back‘ by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. He says “I had to lose to win, then I told myself I’ll never lose again” When I thought about it with one of my friends, we found out that it’s actually very true for most people. Normally, people make mistakes and learn from them. Most importantly, you have to promise yourself you will never do the same mistake again.

Mental and Physical practices were also hard to choose as I don’t normally meditate or do yoga or that sort of stuff. So, I chose praying as my mental practice as it really gives me clarity and a sense of security. For the physical practice, I chose late football matches with my friends. Honestly, I think that’s my favorite thing to do ever. Midnight five aside football matches with my favorite friends just hit different.

Last but not least, something that cheered me up recently that I think would cheer others up as well. For this one, it was very obvious for me. It had to be my baby sister’s first steps. She just started learning how to walk and she’s so wobbly and keeps falling. It’s honestly the cutest thing ever.

Here’s me on a video call with my sister, Sara.

I think that sums up my wellness basket. I really encourage everyone to take some time and think about their wellness basket. It really makes you appreciate the little things that you can take for granted.


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